Preparing Your Quilt

 The following suggestions will produce the most favorable quilting results:

  • Press all seams flat (not open, but flat).
  • Remove loose threads and clip thread tails.
  • Backing and batting need to be at least 8 ” longer and wider than the quilt top. As the quilting is done the batting and backing will be drawn in a bit by the stitching so if they don't start out larger than the quilt top then they will likely become smaller than the quilt top by the time the quilting is completed.
  • Don’t baste the layers together. The layers are all mounted separately on the longarm machine.
  • Make sure the backing is square. If the backing needs to be pieced, sew the pieces together with a 1/2” seam and press open. Remove all selvages. (Read more about chosing and preparing backing.)
  • Make sure the quilt is square. Two things will help you to have square tops. One is to square blocks as you go. The other is to apply borders by taking several measurements through the middle, average these measurements and cut borders to this length. Pin borders to the quilt by matching centers, ends and quarters. Ease quilt into borders. (Read more information about applying borders.)
  • Use a safety pin to mark the top of the quilt and the top of the backing if you have a preference.


Download a pdf on applying borders and piecing/preparing backing

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